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Revealing the 'magic trick' of draining fuel from tank trucks

According to records from a tank truck 29C.62888, the lead clamps on the tank lids were removed, shadows of people gradually crawled inside the tank, carrying welding torches. Large iron bars were also smuggled down one by one. Still in the Petrolimex uniform, the driver is a powerful assistant with full high-pressure lights and ventilation fans for the welders inside. The iron bars are welded and fixed in all four compartments of the car, looking like an original part of the car.

After the tank truck is successfully 'surgery', each compartment releases 15 liters, with 4 compartments, 60 liters of gasoline will be withdrawn when the volume in the compartment is occupied by iron bars. However, this is only the driver's testimony. In reality, according to images recorded by reporters during the journey of another car 30U.1299 also driven by this driver, the amount of gasoline withdrawn from cans and barrels was up to hundreds of liters.

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